About Metal Royale:

Metal Royale is a Danish non-profit organization based on volunteer initiative and and workforce – and of course: the love of metal music!

We are doing the yearly recurring festival Royal Metal Fest at the venues Voxhall, Atlas and Radar in the centre of Aarhus. Royal Metal Fest has been our flagship since 2008.

The purpose of Metal Royale is to promote metal music and development opportunities in Aarhus for the benefit of the general cultural environment – especially the local music environment. We are doing our best to promote metal bands from Aarhus to the rest of Denmark and the international community.

Metal Royale is non-profit and is driven by sponsorships, government grants and ticket sales from our events. And all of our volunteers hard work!

The board is put together of unpaid employees that work year round to create unique experiences and to put focus on the never ending development of metal music.

It is our ambition to create events of the highest quality!  

The Board:

Rolf Meldgaard

Vice chairman:
Christian Jakobsen

Mandy Lowe

Board member / Booking:
Daniel Sigurðarson

Board member / Volunteers:
Louise Sofie Gade

Board member / Marketing:
Anne Struwe Skytte Christensen

Danny Jönsson