Det mangefacetterede franske post-blackmetalband Decline of the I fuldendte tidligere i år sin albumtriologi bestående af Inhibition (2012), Rebellion (2015) og Escape (2018), og kan nu for første gang opleves live.

Hovedmand bag bandet er multiinstrumentalisten ‘A’, der i mere end 20 år har været en del af den franske metalscene, med fortid i bands som Vorkreist, Merrimack, Neo Inferno 262, Malhkebre and Diapsiquir.  

Om triologien fortæller de selv:
“After a heavy and neurasthenic first chapter, and an epileptic, dirty and violent second one, here’s the last part of the Decline of the I’s trilogy: Escape. It’s now time to leave, to avoid this perpetual aggression of the outside world. All the other reactions leaded to a dead end. Running away is the only possible move for the subject to preserve its entity. There are many forms of escape: madness, suicide, technology, spirituality. This third album explores all of them. Musically, it’s the synthesis of all the previews works; it’s contemplative and slow but also very fast, dark and brutal”